Elk/ Mule Deer Combo Hunt

What to Expect During our Elk/Mule Deer Combination Hunt

We have a been granted a special forest service permit which allows us to set up camp sites and hunt elk and mule deer on a large part of the Little Belt Mountain Range in Central Montana.

It is not uncommon for our hunters to fill both their elk and mule deer tags during the combination hunts.

The terrain we hunt consists of open meadows surrounded by thick green timber. 10,000 acres of the national forest was burned 20 years ago. This recovering area is a verdant, rich feeding ground for the resident elk and mule deer herds.


Our main camp site is located in a wilderness area, which is a roadless area and no motorized vehicles are allowed. A two hour horseback ride from the trailhead will get you to the hunters' tents, cook tent, horse corrals and shower tent. The elevation here is just under 6000 feet.

We hunt both elk and mule deer from 5,500 to 8,000 feet elevation. We saddle horses every morning before daylight and after eating a hearty breakfast, head out for the day's hunt. The majority of both elk and deer we kill are within 3 miles of the campsite. We use horses throughout the hunt because we can cover more country in a shorter amount of time, making it easier on the hunter.

Jeff's bull elk
Mary's Bull Elk
Day Hunting Trip