Things that make our combination elk/mule deer hunts different:

  • Our elk/mule deer combination hunts attract a large number of returning clientele / Close to 50% of clients are returners / References from last year's hunters will be mailed to you upon request.
  • We hunt a resident herd of elk that winter in the same area we hunt. You don't have to hope you chose the week they pass by.
  • We have a large percent of mature mule deer bucks in our area due to the inaccessibility to the area.
  • We  never see elk on the neighbor's place that we can't hunt because we don't have the lease.
  • We have gentle riding horses and mules. We don't lease our horses the week before hunting season like most outfitters. The horses we use, we own, and know thier habits well, allowing us to match the horse to the hunter's ability.
  • Our cook is fat and knows how food should taste.

If you've never hunted Elk in Montana before, you better pull your hat down and hang on tight because you're going to have one exciting time!

Joe and his father Charlie with Joe's, 305
Joe and his father Charlie with Joe's, 305" bull, taken first week
Mitch packing out a 340
Mitch packing out a 340" bull